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Memory Foam - The facts Anyway

Polyurethane foam is an incredible materials used in several products including mattresses toppers, mattresses, pillows and the entire body pillows. It was initially developed for NASA and found the consumer market during the early nineties. The initial products in the marketplace were cover pads and then mattresses. Memory foam is the best material for a mattress because of the way it responds to temperature and how it can spread pressure on the greater surface area. The merchandise is temperature sensitive meaning that at lower temperatures it really is firmer and also at higher temperatures it's softer. This feature is the reason enhanced comfort you're feeling when prone about the foam. In addition, the froth cells deform when weight is applied. They compress fully and extend their air pressure to adjoining cells which decreases pressure you feel when lying around the product. Best of all, since the foam deforms it conforms for your cheapest memory foam physique and reduces pressure points. You will see why it's a perfect material for mattresses and pillows.

The initial company to market the fabric inside a mattress form was Tempur-Pedic. Initially the "Tempur" foam was very costly due to the origin but as other foam manufacturers have joined the venture and created their own versions of the material costs attended down. However, don't assume all foam is equal. They are able to vary in quality, density, reply to temperature, harness or softness and durability. A top quality foam mattress must have a minimum of three inches of medium to high density. This can allows the fabric to conform to your body but stop you from sinking. In the event you already have a quality mattress you can just memory foam give a topper for comfort. A lot of companies now offer both products and have started branching in the market to other bedding including pillows.

With the ability with the foam cells to deform and adapt to the any shape it can make the perfect material for pillows and the entire body pillows. Consumers are now able to purchase pillows ergonomically designed to contour and offer the physique. Body pillows produced from foam offer many health benefits including enhances muscular relaxation, healthier circulation, reduced neck and back strain, arthritis relief, and pregnancy support. Temper-Pedic as well as other manufactures are creating varies specialty pillows in many size and shapes to support any sleep position or part of the body.

With such an amazing material we have been certain to begin to see the product line keep growing. Should you haven't had a possiblity to feel or work with a product made from polyurethane foam, go now. When you have the material adapt to your system and the comfort it offers you'll be sold.

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